Top Tips on Building a Great Web Site  

During the course of an average day, I talk to dozens of web site owners that are looking for advice about how to improve their web sites visibility on the search engines. Invariably they will ask the dreaded question What do you think of my web site? Sometimes this can be a tough question to answer without hurting somebody's feelings. Its really hard to tell somebody that you've seen better web sites created by ten year old girls displaying their Barbie doll collection. This is not the response that they are typically looking for. To prevent others from making the same mistakes I see every day, I created the Top Ten Tips on Building a Great Web Site. Many of these Tips are very easy and inexpensive to implement and will pay huge dividends down the road.

Buy Your Own Domain name and Avoid Virtual Domains

Buying a domain name for your business is probably the best investment you can ever make in your company's future. Once purchased, this domain will always be the property of your company and can become a very valuable asset over time.

On the surface, virtual domains might seem like a good idea because they are usually much cheaper or sometimes even free when you sign up your company for web hosting but their downsides are considerable. Many search engines have trouble adding virtual domains to their databases. This fact alone makes virtual domains a very bad deal. Also, since virtual domains are not internationally registered, your company does not really own a virtual domain.

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