A new beginning: Flock  

I had always been a great fan of Opera, and I think among all the existing browsers it is the best. Firefox is good but it is more of hype and any user of Opera will certify to what I say. Opera leads. But anyhow this post is not about Opera or Firefox, this is about a new web browser that I got to test today:


Truly, Flock seems to be the next generation web browser that is truly loaded with all the features that are becoming a part of everyday life. Think of it this way, that I am not writing this blog in the normal Opera window, rather I am writing this blog in a separate window especially designed for blogger. All I need to do is to log into my blogger account once and allow flock to store my login information & I am ready.  What more, no need to wait for the server to respond (that can be frustrating if you are working on a slower connection), you have a preview button right on this window, just click it and it is ready. All the options for formatting are available directly out here so that I don't have to run around or think what to do. For someone like me who has used softwares for entire life, working on browsers even for tasks like posting a blog at times becomes slightly uncomfortable. Flock seems to take away that feeling with this interface.

I have something urgent to take my attention so I will publish it as it is and continue back with it tomorrow, till that time surely I would have experimented with this as much as I want. Till then I will tag this as

Simply Superb!

Blogged with Flock

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