Drupal Taxonomy.  

I started adding categorization and vocabularies to my site today. Looks like a feature quite similar to lables offered below by blogger.com.
The Drupal Taxonomy module i.e. categories is definitely one of the features that most of the people look for and is definitely a step ahead of Joomla. It allows any webmaster to organize his content with a great flexibility and in a knowledge sharing manner.

I will just show how web content can be organized using this Drupal Categories module.

I have done it using Drupal 5.X with admin permissions.

I will use my acne site for reference. I needed to categorize topics into various heads like Acne, Causes of Acne, Acne Treatment, Acne Products, Acne Solutions ( a whole lot of acne related terms).
Lets pick up only three of these - Acne, Causes of Acne, Acne Treatment.

First thing is to plan your content structure e.g. right above, i have planned out my content structure, where each content from my site will go to either of these three tags only.

Now you need to create a vocabulary for the text.
To do this follow the following steps:
click administer > categories > click the 'add vocabulary' tab

In this screen type "Acne Topic" as vocabulary name.

Now you need to set the binding of vocabulary to content type. If you want to do this for pages e.g. I have set my vocabulary to be used with the content of type pages then check the Pages content type. Next, click the checkbox called Multiple select. This allows you to select multiple vocabulary for same content.
We will not experiment with other options right now.

The next step is to add terms to your vocabulary, by terms i mean the tags/labels that we defined above.
To do this.
click administer > categories > click the 'add terms' tab

Give a name to this term e.g. "Acne Treatment"
now give a description to this term, this descriptions shows up in the hover text of the link or tag and can be a useful feature.

You can review your vocabulary by clicking list terms on to the right of your Topic.
You will see something like this:

Acne Topic
-Causes of Acne
-Acne Treatment

This is the basic idea on how to define the content structure.

Test it out by creating a page.

On the administer menu:
click create content > Page.
Now you will see a newly created "Acne Topic" tag near the top of form.
Type the Title,
choose Acne treatment as the acne topic (you can also choose multiple tags) then write some text in the Body field and click submit.

Your newly uploaded page will be tagged "Acne treatment"
click on the tag to see all the articles with the same tag.

Its a very useful content organization technique that not only helps the administrators but even the visitors looking for information on related text.

Let me know if you run into a problem.


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Drupal Vs Joomla : SEO  

Outlining reasons why I chose Drupal for SEO

1) You can rename any of your page so that is shows as a page instead of a link to a node. This is a very important part if you want you page to be ranked higher in google.

2)Although you can rename your page to your choice, it also has a suggest name module, that names your page according to the content, a nice idea as you get a name that might be more appropriate in terms of what web spiders are looking for.

I will be editing this post regularly for more stuff as I keep on discovering and experimenting with them.

contd later...

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Drupal Vs Joomla : Some prominent Drupal based sites  

Found a list of some of the most prominent websites have implemented Drupal over Joomla


Also IBM sited a good number of reasons for their preference of Drupal over Joomla.
So may be my choice for Drupal will prove itself to be correct. Looking for such a list for Joomla too..

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Drupal 5.X: Google Analytics Installation Module  

Just noticed the module available here


So much time wasted of the day. :(

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Drupal 5.X: Google Analytics Installation  

I installed Google analytics on my website: Complete acne treatment.

I had a great deal of tough time trying to modify theme.inc to get this module working on Drupal. A suggested method of using Google analytics is by modifying theme.inc file in following manner.
insert this line
$output = '[Google analytics code]'
right before the line containing

$output = '/body>'
However this did not work for me on Drupal 5.X, i might be making some mistake but the code never seem to reach the above line.

Anyhow I finally found a much easier method of installing Google Analytics on Drupal 5.x
I just created a block on my site using the following steps
goto Block->Add Block
Add your [Google analytic code] to this new block.
Set the input format settings to "full html", don't use filtered html.
Place this block in footer.

That is pretty much what you will need to get it working.
Let me know if you run into any problem.

Tag: Drupal 5.X: Google Analytics Installation

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Drupal: Problem with expanded menus.  

I was facing some problem with expanded menus on my acne site, i will first descibe the problem below and then the solution.

The problem was that if I created menus with Multiple Items/Sub menus with "Expanded option" checked in menu settings then the menu will always show up in a expanded stage. So I had five menus with items all of them used to show up in a expanded state which was really a mess considering the user friendliness and the time it takes to load. If the expanded option was checked off, then the menus will not expand even if clicked or on the target page. I had this problem when I had applied the module for Global Redirect (which is otherwise a really good module for the purpose of SEO).

The solution:

The problem it turned out was that I had been giving full url in the url path of my menu, which means that if my menu was Acne Treatment, then the path I was giving was

This seemed to have mess up the Drupal Interface.

The correct way to apply such menus with global redirect is to give the url path only as:
and not as

This should correct the problem in regard to expanded menus and with global redirect.

Let me know if it helps anybody or if you are still having problem.

Tag: Drupal Problem with Expanded Menus.

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Drupal 5.X: Still lacking community support?  

I have installed drupal 5.x on one of my site - Acne Treatment as i did discussed in other posts, but it seems that Drupal 5.X lacks the kind of community support that was for previous version. I have been struggling to find a small module for sliding menu's completely expanded menu's are not the thing that I will like on my site. All the versions for sliding menu's still seem to be for previous versions. In fact could find few things that have been updated for 5.X till the time of writing this post. I think there needs to be a more detailed tutorial on how to modify templates or may be I am missing the correct link to such tutorial.

Other thing that I find a little problematic with Drupal is that there seems to be complete absence of support for modules of earlier version, this problem I think does not exists with Joomla (on basis of what I have read).

More to come on my experiments on Drupal Vs Joomla

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Drupal Vs Joomla: Drupal Installation  

I installed my first ever CMS yesterday - DRUPAL, after uploading it took me 10 minutes to configure and get it running. I don't understand how can anyone find it hard to install Drupal and if still a Joomla installation is easier then Drupal then Joomla must be god. Anyhow after installing Drupal I have spent quite a few hours testing it out on my test site for acne Complete acne treatment, I have been able to get it running in a good shape. I am still not into modifying themese for Drupal, though there is an obvious lack of variety in Drupal themes but I hope it performs as it is publicised.

Will post more on Drupal Vs Joomla CMS systems.

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Drupal Vs Joomla : Some simple ideas  

Some opinion on Drupal Vs Joomla from the users on Joomla forum.

Use Mambo(Joomla) when:* don't know about the technical stuff or are not interested
* you need a easy install procedure just like a software system
* you are not interested in learning a lot of the tool you are using
* you don't plan to integrate any complex scripts into the program.
* you want a candy site and don't mind several other sites using the same template(s)
* you are not much interested in SEO
* you are not interested about server resources
* you're planning your first or few sites only
* you are not interested in a single login for all sites
* you don't need user memberships and groupings etc.

Use Drupal because:* Drupal offers a high quality platform
* Drupal offers a real multi-site-feature (only one installation for several sites)
* Drupal offers any kind of user groups permissions
* Drupal offers membership- and community sites, not just CMS etc
* Drupal offers a Powerful templating system
* Drupal needs a bit more of your time
* Drupal offers clear, high quality code and API
* Drupal offers unlimited flexibility

More to come on Drupal Vs Joomla


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Drupal Vs Joomla : End User perspective.  

I have been trying to study which of the two CMS - joomla or drupal may be a better option for start. After reading a lot of articles from various sites and opinion of different users, this is my initial inference.

Joomla is a the way to go if you are setting up your first site and you are not sure about the things. However for a seasoned professional Drupal seems to be the better choice.

Drupal is younger of two as such they have built upon some of the weakness of Joomla, like Drupal offers extensive content management system (CMS)that joomla does not offers.

Drupal is more faster if you have catching enabled on your webserver and expect a lot of traffic.

Drupal seems to offer a more efficient and cleaner code as compared to Joomla.

Drupal seems to enjoy a greater community support as compared to Joomla.

Drupal has a relatively easier API as compared to Joomla.

Drupal offers unlimited article nesting using the taxonomy, or by using the excellent Category module.

However I believe most of this features are more important for professional or say big websites.

For amateur and hobbyists. Joomla has to offer the following

Very easy to setup out of box solution

A large number of available themes to customize your website.

Many drupal modules are broken in 5.0.

Drupal CSS is divided into 17 files (although you can club them), which makes it a real pain to customize it.

Joomla is more popular of the two systems. reference google trends.

I think I will still go for Drupal because the website I am working on is supposed to be a big project and definitely content management system is the keyword there. I will be experimenting with Joomla on some other site shortly and will keep this posted.

Reference: http://drupal.org/node/109428

More to come on Drupal Vs Joomla

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Criteria for a web host selection  

Tips while choosing a good web host.

1: Server Reliability
Make sure that servers are reliable

2: Backups Status?
Make sure that the backup is taken regularly.

3: Bandwidth Charges
Find out if you are charged for extra bandwidth and at what rate.

4: Customer support?
May cost you but is vital.

5: Access to the log Files
It should be free and the access should be allowed.

6: Ensure support for SFTP and SSH
Both of these are very necessary for security reasons.

7: Is Virtual Hosting Supported?
This allows you to put many web domains on a single machine, make sure this is allowed.

8: Is CGI Supported?
Check your web hosting provider's level of support for CGI scripts.

9: Web Space provided?
How much web space you need on your web host.

10: Check the Email Policy
Make sure that it is not a spam server and the policy should be checked.

11: What if any is the Uptime Guarantee?
The webhosting should provide a minimum uptime guarantee.

12: Are Website Statistics Available?
This is very necessary if you are anywhere serious about your website.

13: How Many Mailboxes Do You Get?
What is the number of mail boxes that you are provided with.

14: What Operating System is the Server Running?
Find out if it is a linux based or windows based or what operating system is in use. very important when you finally get to down to website development.

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Drupal 5.X: Error in parsing theme.inc.  

A new problem this time.
Syntax Error in parsing theme.inc, unexpected T_return at line....

I just made a small modification to my theme.inc file and this error popped up. As usual I searched around over internet for solution but this time I could not find any solution that can solve this error. Finally I found a solution that though may not be helpful to all but can be your final rescue attempt. Download a fresh installation, find the theme.inc file and upload this theme.inc file to your web folder at the same place.

The error with theme.inc went away and muscle building site is now up and running again.

PS: If it helps you in anyway then please comment and support.

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