Back After A Long Time - With Drupal, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Myself  

Ok Everybody!

Long time I have been away. Busy playing with internet marketing ;)

Yeh, well my experiments on living with adsense are a miserable failure. $8, netted so far in four months. Phew! $2 a month.

Anyhow, things are not that bad, because there are much better things out there. By, the way hard to believe that this blog is now a PR3 blog!. I plan to have another post out there just for it. It is hard for me to still accept, cos I had done nothing for it. Anyhow moving away from it. I am starting a new clickbank earning blog. Yes! that is what I am into, I don't think its really getting any big as of now, but yeh the results will be interesting.

Btw, i will just make a few statements here and then keep on posting on them over time.

1) Drupal is a clear winner for any good website as far as rankings are concerned!

2) This blog is a PR3 Blog! Anyone interested!

3) Important modules for drupal that can really make it rock!

4) How to get into affiliate marketing!

5) Where does Drupal Fails!

7) Some really good resources for Drupal!

I think you can take them as topic for next 7 posts!

Its going to get interesting from now onwards!

PS: If this posts helps you in anyway please comment and support :)

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