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I had been looking for implementing expandable sliding menu for my Drupal 5.X installation on my acne site for quite some time. The solution finally arrived in form of a readymade module -"nice menu". I had read about this module at start also but was not able to locate it for 5.X installation. Well! got it now and implemented it and it solved the complete problem at one go. Anyone who is looking for drupal sliding expandable menus can download this module from this link


The released version for 5.X is still in development stage and i believe there are some issues still to be resolved. However it may work great for a novice like me and if you are a pro you may be able to make it better yourself.

I am outlining just basic steps that i followed to get it running.
1) Configure your menu. Decide which menus have child and which one do you want to be expanded. (Remember that in this module you do not have option for always expanded menu and even if you configured it that way, it will not make any change.)
2) Download this module and upload it.
3) Go to modules mode in administrative task of your drupal installation and configure this module for use.
4) Go to blocks mode in administrative task and configure this "nice menu" block, for showing in left sidebar. You cannot make it display in right sidebar without further work because the menu slides left to right.
5) you can remove your navigation block from the sidebar else you will see both the navigation block as well as sliding menu block simultaneously.
6) Check out and this should be working!

Simple as that!

I will be posting on it more as i experiment more with these sliding expanded menus.

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