Drupal Vs Jooma: Complete Comparison  

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Drupal Vs Joomla
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Then place your table within that class:

Joomla Drupal
Community Features
Community Builder - a great component, but needs an SEF extension to enable
URLs like Youtube.

Really good, Users can form groups and expansion of the registraion form is
native to
SSL Compatible Does not comes default or
naturally, you need to put in some hack to do it.
Drupal is SSL compatible.
This is one feature that Joomla lags behind. OpenSEF
is the hope for joomla. SEF Advance is roughly comparable quality but costs 50
Euros. However the code is not really optimized. Altogether a negative point.

Optimized for SEO purpose, the outof box URL work in a fine manner and you can
use addon omdules to improve it. The code is well optimized
JoomlaBoard lacks many important features. It is suggested that you SMF with

Even though it lacks in high end features but comparably smoother than Joomla.
You can also go for VbDrupal.
Supported with a lot of options.

Both podcast & drupal video option available.
Photo Galleries
You can use Gallery2 or Flashexpose. Photo galleries are well supported.
You can use Gallery2 option or use
the default module.
Event Calendars offers a lot of options in form of
plug ins and integration
Not comparable to the features
offered by Joomla.
Uses a port of Wordpress. Some out-of-the-box capability.
For more information visit here
Its a decent enough blog though
again some high end features are missing.
Document Management

is the default document management system.
Lags behind in this area.
Template / Themes
Joomla really has a great deal of offering in terms of themes and templates
that can be applied to various pages.

Not many choices available. The default choise are not really good. Earlier
versions allow only one template for all pages though that will change with
Drupal 5.X.
User Permissions Joomla has a very centralized
admin area. Few people can be passed on permissions beyond adding posts or
adding content.
Drupal has a much better system, though its group based
management and not a single user based management.
Multisites Management
Available only commercially.

Perhaps one of the most desirable features of drupal.
Content Management
Joomla is very restrictive in choices it offers..

Unlimited taxonomy, vocabulary, categories and subcategories. Drupal is way

Previous versions had poor
documentation, Joomla 1.5 seems to improve on that. However, a lot of useful
information on the

Not too bad.
Commercial Community
Excellent, one of the strongest in Open Source SMS.Try
Yellow Pages

Weak. Try
Yellow Pages
or Drupalancers.
External Integration
1.5 is supposed to have better API and more hooks for external integration.

Drupal is the choice if you are looking for external integration, It has option
for plenty of hooks.
Standards Compliance
Not great. Accessible
is a fork necessary to move
towards compliance. Mambo/Joomla
dates from before standards were even considered (1999).

Excellent support
General Community Great. Both commercial and open
source support available.
Great, try
, its really helpful.
Ease-of-use Joomla is really easy to start
with, even for non-technical amateur users.

Drupal takes some time before you start understanding on how to do things.

Version 1.5 is 16.7 MB

Version 5.0 is 2.89 MB
Learning Curve One of the easiest CMS to learn
and use.
Slightly tough as compared to
Joomla, but otherwise easy.
Internationalization You can tryJoomfish
but its not a natural solution.
Excellent support
Shopping Cart

Has both Virtuemart and an
integration of OSCommerce. You can use OSCommerce for multicurrency option or
if the payment gateway is not supported by Virtuemart.

Ubercart is the hope for Drupal
but there are not many good options avialable.
A default installation of 1.5 loads in 1.33 seconds. (Scores from

A default installation loads in 1.05 seconds. (Score from
Producing a good-looking site with plenty of functionality is a relatively easy
task with
is more community-oriented and the current live version is more extensible.

Once again thanks to the above alledia.com link for the information they have
collected and provided.

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