Targeting high paying google adsense keywords  

I am mesmerised by google adsense, not that I am earning something really big or good, still under $0.5 mark for this blog, but that feeling of earning passively is too good to resist and makes me take out time of my otherwise busy shedule. I had been researching a lot on forums and i even have been long time into affilate sites and doing good. Even a member of a money making forum, IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MONEY MAKING ONLINE YOU BETTER BE A PART Get your FREE 6 Part e-course from Affilorama!, let me know if you need other references to chat and verify the usefulness of this forum, my friend makes over $400 a day out using this forum, I am still at 1/10th of it :( .

Anyhow without deviating from the topic anymore, i was just wondering which keywords are the best ones to target, after all my blog was all about web technologies and search, though I feel a component of money making creeping in now. So I researched over the internet again and this time managed to find a good list of keywords that are supposedly the highest paying keywords. Remember that this list is very volatile, the moment too many people start using these keywords, the rates will start falling down, so you can't expect to make a lot actually but still you may be lucky enough.

Some notes
1) Don't use duplicated content or even PLR content.
2) Write articles that make sense to your user and don't just write them for the search engines or high paying ads.
3) If your articles are not oriented for the reader, they won't be clicking on ads. E.g. i might right a post about "student loan consolidation" or "school consolidation" but given the fact that very few people reading this post may be interested in that, the chances of my getting a click are rare.
4) - This is the best tool for finding keywords both high paying as well as of your importance. Use it wisely and you will be rich.

Well I have posted the top 50 highest paying google ads keywords in another post. Please take a look and judge for yourself if you can make any good out of them.

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