Drupal 5.X: Still lacking community support?  

I have installed drupal 5.x on one of my site - Acne Treatment as i did discussed in other posts, but it seems that Drupal 5.X lacks the kind of community support that was for previous version. I have been struggling to find a small module for sliding menu's completely expanded menu's are not the thing that I will like on my site. All the versions for sliding menu's still seem to be for previous versions. In fact could find few things that have been updated for 5.X till the time of writing this post. I think there needs to be a more detailed tutorial on how to modify templates or may be I am missing the correct link to such tutorial.

Other thing that I find a little problematic with Drupal is that there seems to be complete absence of support for modules of earlier version, this problem I think does not exists with Joomla (on basis of what I have read).

More to come on my experiments on Drupal Vs Joomla

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