Criteria for a web host selection  

Tips while choosing a good web host.

1: Server Reliability
Make sure that servers are reliable

2: Backups Status?
Make sure that the backup is taken regularly.

3: Bandwidth Charges
Find out if you are charged for extra bandwidth and at what rate.

4: Customer support?
May cost you but is vital.

5: Access to the log Files
It should be free and the access should be allowed.

6: Ensure support for SFTP and SSH
Both of these are very necessary for security reasons.

7: Is Virtual Hosting Supported?
This allows you to put many web domains on a single machine, make sure this is allowed.

8: Is CGI Supported?
Check your web hosting provider's level of support for CGI scripts.

9: Web Space provided?
How much web space you need on your web host.

10: Check the Email Policy
Make sure that it is not a spam server and the policy should be checked.

11: What if any is the Uptime Guarantee?
The webhosting should provide a minimum uptime guarantee.

12: Are Website Statistics Available?
This is very necessary if you are anywhere serious about your website.

13: How Many Mailboxes Do You Get?
What is the number of mail boxes that you are provided with.

14: What Operating System is the Server Running?
Find out if it is a linux based or windows based or what operating system is in use. very important when you finally get to down to website development.

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