Drupal 5.X: Google Analytics Installation  

I installed Google analytics on my website: Complete acne treatment.

I had a great deal of tough time trying to modify theme.inc to get this module working on Drupal. A suggested method of using Google analytics is by modifying theme.inc file in following manner.
insert this line
$output = '[Google analytics code]'
right before the line containing

$output = '/body>'
However this did not work for me on Drupal 5.X, i might be making some mistake but the code never seem to reach the above line.

Anyhow I finally found a much easier method of installing Google Analytics on Drupal 5.x
I just created a block on my site using the following steps
goto Block->Add Block
Add your [Google analytic code] to this new block.
Set the input format settings to "full html", don't use filtered html.
Place this block in footer.

That is pretty much what you will need to get it working.
Let me know if you run into any problem.

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