Drupal Vs Joomla : End User perspective.  

I have been trying to study which of the two CMS - joomla or drupal may be a better option for start. After reading a lot of articles from various sites and opinion of different users, this is my initial inference.

Joomla is a the way to go if you are setting up your first site and you are not sure about the things. However for a seasoned professional Drupal seems to be the better choice.

Drupal is younger of two as such they have built upon some of the weakness of Joomla, like Drupal offers extensive content management system (CMS)that joomla does not offers.

Drupal is more faster if you have catching enabled on your webserver and expect a lot of traffic.

Drupal seems to offer a more efficient and cleaner code as compared to Joomla.

Drupal seems to enjoy a greater community support as compared to Joomla.

Drupal has a relatively easier API as compared to Joomla.

Drupal offers unlimited article nesting using the taxonomy, or by using the excellent Category module.

However I believe most of this features are more important for professional or say big websites.

For amateur and hobbyists. Joomla has to offer the following

Very easy to setup out of box solution

A large number of available themes to customize your website.

Many drupal modules are broken in 5.0.

Drupal CSS is divided into 17 files (although you can club them), which makes it a real pain to customize it.

Joomla is more popular of the two systems. reference google trends.

I think I will still go for Drupal because the website I am working on is supposed to be a big project and definitely content management system is the keyword there. I will be experimenting with Joomla on some other site shortly and will keep this posted.

Reference: http://drupal.org/node/109428

More to come on Drupal Vs Joomla

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