A new problem this time -" How to paste html codes in blogger post "?  

It seems that blogger is not that good when it comes to people who are discussing codes or anything. I was providing the solution on how to put up tables in blogger post and needed to put in the html code and the blogger will not show the html codes, rather it rendered them and created a mess altogether. Anyhow here is a workaround that might work for people who are working with web designing and need to paste some codes into their blogger post that users can read and are not rendered by blogger.

Suppose you want to paste a code like

<style type="text/css">.nobrtable br { display: none }</style>

<div class="nobrtable"> <table border ="1"> <tr> <td>Web Hosting Site</td>
<td>SEO Firm</td> <td>Forex Trading Site</td> </tr> <tr>
<td>Cheapest Web Hosting Firm</td> <td>Highest Paid Seo Company </td> <td>Most popular stocks and sites for forex trading</td>
</tr> </table> </div>

Now how do you do it in blogger. If you just paste the above code in blogger post and publish it then it will render it as follows

Web Hosting Site SEO Firm Forex Trading Site
Cheapest Web Hosting Firm Highest Paid Seo Company Most popular stocks and sites for forex trading

So how do I managed to show you the code above. Slightly tricky.

What you need to do is to open a WSISWYG editor like frontpage or visual studio web express edition and paste the code in design view . Make sure you are pasting it in the design view. (Note: In studio express edition, you need to 'paste alternate' to get this code pasted in design view). Now if you go and check the code you will find the following changes made

> changes to &??
< changes to &??

Well its ok, that is what you need to copy and paste back into your blogger post. This will not be rendered by blogger and it will show up as proper html code in the blogger post. Your readers will be properly able to read this html code from the post.

I hope it helps some of you !

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