How to remove ?q= mark from the url's of the drupal site.  

I installed drupal on my second site - How to build muscles better and faster" and ran into problem with clean urls. All the posts were showing with ?q= mark.

To remove this ?q= symbol from your url's you need to enable clean_url at the following link

Click on Clean URLs link. This will take you to a page that gives you option to enable or disable clean url link.
There will also be a link for checking if clean url can be used on your site or not, click on that and check out. ( I ran into problem with enabling clean url as it always showed file not found, i have posted the solution to that on my next post). You can then enable the clean url and you will find that the url now are shown without ?q= symbol in your website. I think it is fairly easy to do once you know the right stuff.

PS:If this stuff helps you please leave me a comment and support :)

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