MetaTags For Drupal Nodes  

Well, this post is about how to add metatags to individual posts/nodes of your drupal installation. For completely newbies, metatags are keywords on basis of which search engines determine the primary content of your pages. Well, that was a very basic idea. The idea is to add metatags to invidual pages/nodes just like you would do in a simple html/php page. Moving ahead, just like everything in Drupal (Drupal is really really extensive), there is a module for adding metatags too. So you need to do is to go to drupal site get the module for metatags and configure it for enabled status in your modules administration page.
The important thing to note out here is that in the module is named nodewords and not metatags or anything like that.

Here is the link for downloading the Nodeword/Metatags for drupal.

I dont think I need to explain anything else to you if you have managed to reach the this page and you have been looking for modules like nodewords for metatags.
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