Drupal 5.X: How to add images in posts.  

I had been boggled again by drupal. I was writing some posts and had to put some pictures along (just like any other html page). I thought that drupal must have this already setup but No!. You cannot put an image in the html code and expect it to be shown. There are a lot of modules to add images in drupal like

However all of them are for more advanced functions like, if you want to show a random image gallery, or using same image on multiple posts, or a completely image based post. Too tough I must say.
Well here is one of the simplest hack to show images in drupal posts/story/pages. It is so simple that some of you may find it obvious.
I design my post in dreamweaver, and when the image address is specified, i use the absolute address of the image as it is stored on my web hosting. E.g. I have images placed in images folder on my site. So the only thing I needed to do was to link the image in my post with the address to this image folder on my site. Here is the page as you can see on Building Great biceps.

Well, that is it. A simple way to show images in content pages/nodes of drupal.

PS: If this helps you in anyway please comment and support :)

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