Great Tips For Great Adsense Income - Probably one of the best kept secrets of adsense earnings.  

As you see I am getting day by day more into adsense income thing and not just this blog a lot more ;), I found out certain ideas that can really give you a big jump.

If you really want to make a great income from adsense, then this idea will help you a great deal in making a strong income source.

Targetting Money Rich Market
Now most people never realize this, that the adsense income is generated not just by the highest paying keywords but by a combination of high click rate and high paying keywords. Understand this, I may create a blog on Financial Markets targeting Student loans that provide very high value adsense ads but what is the use if the number of clicks are negligible or if I am finding it really hard to drive the traffic on those pages. Its bound to happen since most people are already targetting them. So, what do I do?
So, target those ads that not only provide with a decent enough payout but also have a larger click rate. Frankly speaking this is hard to tackle, its easier to find ads that will generate higher payout but difficult to find keywords with more click through. You should probably have an adwords account to find out what would be the impressions and daily average cost to you to get an idea of this, but this is something that really helps. More the impressions and your probable spending, the higher the chances that those keywords have a better click through. For those of you who are confused about what I am trying to say, here is a example ( the figures are all imaginary)

Keyword#1: Online Casino Bonus
EPC: $0.5
Expected Clicks Per Month: 200

Keyword#2: Student Loan
EPC: $2.5
Expected Clicks Per Month: 20

So which keyword earns you more, clearly its keyword#1, it should bring you decent enough $100 a month.
The idea is simple its all PPC, you get paid only when there are clicks, just having high values ads lying around is a waste. So target those ads that people click that have more impressions.

Money Rich Market does not implies only high value ads but rather those ads that people are looking for and excite people to click.

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