Biggest Public Adsense Earners  

Just wondering about who made the most out of adsense program the following name came on top.

Top Google Adsense Money Makers

1) Markus Frind

Markus Frind started from home. He gets over 500 million pageviews per month and around $10,000 per day in earning from adsense.

2) Kevin Rose

He is the founder of, Digg was started with an initial investment of around a thousand dollars. Today it caters to around 400,000 members along with 200 million page views per month. Reported earning is around $3 million from adsense and some other advertising medias.

3) Jeremy Shoemaker

Well this is what should be perfectly acceptable and done. Thousands of domains and thousands of websites all bringing in a little money every day that adds up to a huge total at the end. Reported earning is of around $140,000 per month.

4) Jason Calacanis

Sold his site weblogs to AOL for $25 million, before selling it off it was supposed to be making around $4000 a day from google adsense. It is one of the features case studies in google adsense program.

5) David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard:, reportedly made over $100,000 per month a large portion of which came from adsense earnings.

However the list drops sharply in earnings after this and the people on next 5 collectively don't manage to earn as much as the top earner. Anyhow, I think this should give you a good boost if you are serious about adsense. You can be really earning something worthwhile and its worth something trying for. Who know's the next list may be featuring you on top.

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